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    Amatsuki secretly fell in love with her teacher even though she knew he had just gotten married and couldn't afford to lose him like that. She immediately came up with an idea... That was to invite him to a hotel if he kept inviting her like that. Surely the teacher would not agree, Hina had to find a reason for the teacher not to refuse. She noticed where the teacher's car was parked, sneaked into the car, and let the teacher see that she wasn't wearing a bra, her big sweaty breasts were clearly visible in front of him. The teacher arrested her. Quickly changing clothes, Amatsuki said he wanted to go back to his teacher's house to take a shower to dry off all the sweat. Of course, the teacher will not agree because his wife is at home. Just waiting for that, Amatsuki immediately invited the teacher into a nearby hotel. There was no other way, the teacher had to book a room so he could take a quick shower and then go home. But how could she just take a simple shower like that, she continuously used her deadly seductive body to "" invite" teacher. Even though he knew it was wrong, her charm made the teacher unable to control it anymore. And from then on, every time after school, the teacher and student invited each other to the hotel and the teacher gradually immersed himself in her body and forgot about his wife. Even though today is the one-year anniversary of her wedding. husband and wife, but the teacher still decided to stay with Hina, enjoying sexual pleasure with his student instead of going to his wife...