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    While trying to finish the documents for tomorrow, it suddenly rained heavily... I didn't bring an umbrella and the trains stopped operating, so I had to stay at the company. Overnight, while working, Amatsuki Azu rushed in. It turned out that she had forgotten something so she came to pick it up. While leaving, the rain was so heavy that her whole body was soaked. So we're both stuck here together. The thin wet shirt clung tightly to her body, revealing her white and pink skin and her sexy black underwear. While watching, thunder suddenly appeared, and Amatsuki Azu immediately hug me tight! The scent of her body and her smooth skin coming into contact with mine made my mind seem blank. I couldn't control myself and strongly inhaled this scent, touching all the seductive curves of her body. When I regained my composure, I realized what I did was extremely wrong. Just as I was about to stop, Amatsuki Azu changed again. She was no longer resisting and shy like before, but she even actively propositioned me. And then we had sex. Throughout that night, his body was soaked with sweat and rainwater mixed together until the morning