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    Hajime is a third-year student. His mother was about to remarry, so he returned home to visit one day. While walking through the park, he suddenly met Ms. Reiko, his mother's close friend. The two were also very close before, so Reiko decided to go with Hajime to his mother's place. When I returned to my previous room, the room had now become a storage room. While worrying about not having a place to sleep, Hajime was invited by Reiko to stay at her house for the night. It was also here that he learned that Reiko was not really happy. Her husband always has to go on business trips and even has a mistress outside. Being close to an extremely beautiful and seductive woman like Reiko made a student like Hajime unable to control his lower body. Reiko discovered it but didn't blame him, but gently soothed it for him, satisfying Hajime's desire and at the same time wanting to ease her own loneliness.